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instrument Marble - carbonate small, medium and coarsely granular metamorphic rock, formed as a result of recrystallization of limestone or dolomite.

Marble composition mainly of calcite, sometimes with an admixture of dolomite. The color white. Marble with impurities - pink, yellow, gray and black. The hardness of 3. Density depending on the impurities from 1900 to 2800 kg/m3, compression resistance of 100-250 MPa, fracture resistance of 10-30 MPa, water absorption 0,15-0,50% porosity not greater than 1%. The most durable and best polishing different fine crystal communication with serrated grain boundaries are extremely diverse color and pattern. Especially prized white uniform withdrawal (figure, sculpture) for their ability to pass light at a certain depth and create colors.

instrument Granite - a natural building material that is widely used for both internal and external works. The durability of granite, resistant to mechanical damage and atmospheric phenomena as well as its variety of textures and shades allow him not to lose popularity over the centuries.

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